Teaching and Learning in a Digital World

Final Reflection 

The Digital World is shifting as we speak, every day there is more programs, devices and software being designed. The Digital World is complex and it gets more and more unbelievable with every new advancement. The technology has changed education and the way we teach substantially, it is up to us as teachers to embrace, adapt and inspire with the use of technology in the classroom. We are now able to search and receive instant information within seconds, we are able to connect and communicate quicker and easier than before and we are able to express our learning in many more ways.

My first chosen topic was What is a Digital World?. This was the topic I decided to write straight on to my blog post.  When I was seeking information for this topic, my searches took me to many other blogs, which of course was great for inspiration.  I think blogs benefit students in so many ways, as not only can they display and express their learning, they are also learning how to write and structure sentences, giving their opinions, and receiving feedback from other students from all over the world. Another reason why i think blogging would be a useful tool in the classroom is that the children are able to learn and experience the world online therefore gaining awareness about online safety.


(Paul & profile, 2015)

During my research i also came across this video that follows a teacher and her students explaining what they love about blogging:

(Linda Yollis, 2013)

My second topic is Participation and the Digital Divide. This was my topic I chose to display as my auditory summation.  I had fun creating my avatar and adding my own voice to it was pretty fascinating so I think children would have an entertaining time using this application . Auditory learners would benefit from this program in particular as they can listen to information in a different and enjoyable way.

My third chosen topic is Digital Fluency and it was my visual presentation. The program i decided to use was Prezi. I really enjoyed designing my presentation, I thought the program was incredible, as it gives you so many options to modify and edit functions to enhance your presentation. I think it would be great to see children use this in class. For example, a child could display a project on the solar system, they could use circle slides as planets and insert facts about each planet. It is a fantastic way to show learning in a visual way.

Children of today are born into the Digital World and technology will grow with them. We as Educators play such as fundamental role in a child’s education experience, and with Digital Technologies helping us- The possibilities are endless…

List of used References

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