What is a Digital World?

Written Summation:

Topic 1: What is a Digital World?

The Digital World is amongst us, with increasingly growing technologies and digital devices that consume our lives today. The Digital World refers to the use of and exposure to the electronic tools, systems devices and resources that generate, store or process data. (Teaching with digital technologies, 2015)


(Whitby, 2016)

When using digital devices, electronic tools and the expanding use of the world wide web, students and teachers learning in the 21st Century poses a demanding shift or movement towards the Digital World. Together educators and learners must gather, take advantage of and access knowledge by embracing the Digital World shift and facilitating the teaching practices of technologies by inspiring the learners of today through the use of digital learning. (Teaching with digital technologies, 2015)

Image result for pencil and pen versus technology<(Baron & Donzel, 2015)

As technology evolves, so do we as learners. The traditional use of textbooks, pen and paper is shifting as we now have the world of knowledge at our fingertips. In the year 2000, 91 per cent of Australian students had access to a computer, that figure then rose to 99 per cent in 2013. (Sue, 2015) Including the growth of internet usage, students were then lucky enough to have access through learning digital devices and in that timeframe 67 per cent in the year 2000 increased to 98 per cent in the year 2013, being a 37.57 per cent increase of student digital access just over a decade. (Sue, 2015) 

Where will we be in another 10 years? 

(21st century school teacher, 2008)

In Conclusion

The Digital World is shifting, so must the educators and learners of tomorrow, it’s up to us as teachers to teach this ever changing way of communication and provide practices that access our fingertip knowledge based economy.  Using such technologies and learning devices give us opportunities to engage learners in lesson objectives, interact learners in the classroom and community and facilitate endless opportunities for the minds of students learning in our Digital World.  

Image result for teaching in the digital world

< (Colville, 2014) 

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